Skin to Skin

Skintoskin is a new generation of underwear designed specifically for babies, children and adults with atopic skin conditions such as eczema. Developed by a leading dermatologist (Dr A. Sousa Basto) alongside a team of scientists from the University of Minho Portugal, this exciting new range of eczema clothing is the product of a new scientific field called bio-functional textiles. This field has evolved as a result of the need to create materials that function biologically on the human skin. As textiles interact with the skin very intensively, the micro-organisms of the skin can be influenced by them, and vice-versa. We all know how the clothes that we wear can have a detrimental effect on sensitive skin (i.e. wool, polyester etc) skintoskin clothing however is focused on its use for therapy and prevention in dermatology, by exerting a positive effect on the skin.

Skintoskin is made from 70% pure cotton and 20% brown algae (seaweed) which has been bonded with silver particles giving the remaining 10%. The seaweed extract has natural properties that soothes and protects against itchiness, whilst the silver adds truly effective antiseptic properties, drastically reducing the growth of any potentially harmful bacteria on the skin. It’s particularly active against Staphylococcus Aureus which is incredibly important for anyone with eczema as these bacteria have been found to be 1000 times higher in concentration on the inflamed skin of people who suffer from atopic skin conditions such as eczema. In clinical trials skintoskin reduced high levels of inflammation in 8 days without the use of other products.

Skintoskin clothing has undergone rigorous clinical research and trials achieving CE marking and Okeo Tex accreditation (class 1).