http://www.talkeczema.com - an online patient support and information community dedicated to patients and carers facing everyday life with eczema.

http://www.eczema.org/ - The National Eczema Society.  A UK charity dedicated to helping people whose lives are affected by eczema.

http://www.nottinghameczema.org.uk/ - lots of information, latest research and NICE guidlelines for treating eczema.

http://www.solveeczema.org/ - a very informative website documenting one family’s discovery of the link between eczema and modern detergents.

http://www.parentsown.co.uk/ - a site for parents to share the stress of having children with medical conditions or illnesses.  Also checkout Parentsown Supermarket - a searchable database of foods that are "free from" common allergens. The range includes everyday supermarket items that are more affordable and that may be suitable for people with multiple food intolerances/allergies who cannot buy from the normal 'free from' food ranges.

http://www.homemade-baby-food-recipes.com is a really useful resource for homemade baby food recipes, from first foods to full meals.  There are also tips on weaning and how to watch out for food allergies.

http://www.thecakecrusader.co.uk/ - If you need a low-allergy cake for a special occasion then this is the website to visit.  Whatever the intolerance/allergy, The Cake Crusader can bake a delicious cake that fits your requirements and have it delivered right to your door.

http://healthy-family.org - Up-to-date information on a variety of topical health topics.

http://cilie-yack.org – an American food allergy support group for children, with news, recipes and fun activities

http://www.cookingallergyfree.com/ - a website with a huge number of low-allergy recipe ideas.

http://www.steenbergs.co.uk – a family run business selling organic & fair-trade baking ingredients, herbs and spices.

http://www.therapy-directory.org.uk/ - a list of therapists who are members of a recognised professional body.

http://www.nutritionist-resource.org.uk/Great nutritional advice and a list of registered nutritionists in your local area.