Cooking for children with allergies can be mind boggling - especially when an allergy is first diagnosed.  Our aim is to create a low-allergy recipe library where parents can come and get inspiration for quick and easy meal-time ideas.   We've started with some of our favourite tried and tested recipes which avoid many of the common high allergy ingredients. Please note that these are only guidelines and you should always double check that all ingredients are suitable for your child's particular allergies. 

Do you have a favourite recipe that your child loves and that we could share with other parents?  Please email recipes to info@EverythingForEczema.com

Main Meals

Carrot & Lentil Soup

Tuna Fish Cakes

Very Simple Chicken Nuggets

Salmon Fish Cakes

Stuffed Rice Rolls

One Pot Chicken & Rice

Naan Bread

Sweet Potato & Lentil Puree

Parsnip, Apple & Sweet Potato Puree

One Pot Fruity Chicken Puree


Desserts, Cakes & Bread

Vanilla cupcakes


Mango Ice Cream

Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate Brownies