Ten signs of an eczema family

There are a few ways I can now sleuth-out an eczema family at school, before I see any tell-tale physical signs.

This is just a bit of fun really, but got me thinking about what else I could add.  Please do add yours to the list too?Spotting fellow eczema families - they don't wear man made fibres.  An image of a sock

  • EVERY single label has been cut out of your children’s clothing.
  • You only wear natural fibres – you’ve spent hundreds of hours searching for 100% cotton socks!
  • You ask for your child to be sat away from the radiator in winter and away from the open window in summer.
  • Your bathroom is stacked full of tubs of cream.
  • Even the word ‘summer’ fills you with dread.
  • Your fridge is full of oat milk, rice milk, coconut milk….anything but dairy.
  • You know how to say nuts/eggs/dairy in ten different languages.
  • You carry a HUGE bag around everywhere – epipen, antihistamine, eczema balm –  tick.
  • You can hear your child scratching through three rooms with all the doors shut.
  • Steam comes out of your ears when you’re asked for the tenth time that day if you’ve ever tried goat’s milk.


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