Wet Wrapping

This new, simple-to-use wet wrap clothing was designed by a mum of a young child with eczema.  Wet wrap therapy had worked wonders for her son but the process was time-consuming and cumbersome. There had to be a better way! WrapESoothe products were designed to simplify wet wrapping and make it more bearable for child and carer.

The WrapESoothe clothing has flat seam technology and smooth, 4 way stretch fabric to make it easy to dress your child.  When wet, the fabric holds moisture against the skin and stays soft and close fitting, quickly cooling the itch. Integral mitts and fully enclosed legs and feet prevent children from scratching and causing further irritation, giving skin a chance to heal.  All the triggers in regular clothing that can be irritating have been eliminated, so there are no scratchy labels or rough seams.  Designed to be multi-functional, this clothing is perfect for wet wrap therapy or for wearing dry to protect and soothe itchy skin.

Made from 94% TENCEL® - a fully sustainable fibre made from Eucalyptus wood.  The fibre and the manufacturing process have been awarded multiple environmental awards and is free of hazardous chemicals.  The TENCEL® fibre is smoother and more breathable than cotton with excellent cooling and thermo-regulating properties.  The unique fibre minimizes the growth of bacteria, an important benefit to children with eczema.

Always consult a Qualified Healthcare Professional for instructions and length of time for wet wrap therapy.

For more information please check out our blog on wet wrapping.